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A Flat Fee Investment Advisor

Eversight Wealth helps people:

  • Build diversified portfolios. Personalized guidance prioritizes simplicity, low fund fees, and diversification.
  • Create a financial plan. Advice covers retirement planning, portfolio stress testing, insurance, and Roth conversions.
  • Save money with a flat fee. One transparent advisory fee regardless of your account size.

This 1-minute video shows how powerful a flat fee can be:

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Why Perfectionism Ruins Portfolios

Searching for the perfect portfolio can be a waste of time and short-term dopamine hits can sabotage long-term investment decisions.

Man deserted on island writing "Here for 1000 days... still waiting to find the perfect portfolio"
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The Once in a Decade Bond Opportunity

On the low cost of inflation protection and environments where TIPS historically outperform Treasuries.

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How to Avoid Country Club Syndrome

This post evaluates popular sophisticated products marketed to wealthy investors.

How to Avoid Country Club Syndrome